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Be Free! Natural Living - A pathway to wellness, well-being, and freedom through safe, convenient and affordable products. We provide you with cleaner solutions for pain, sleep, detox, immune building, outdoor life, aromatherapy and vegan bath & body care. We have an infrared sauna on site and a Lyme friendly crew!

We offer only first-rate, handcrafted products using the highest standards of practice to promote wellness and well-being in your daily life. Our products are made with high quality, responsibly sourced organic and natural ingredients that are always Safe for You, Your Family, and the Environment.

Our story began with a simple desire - to make the right choices for our family with products that are safe and effective. We believe that if you can't put it in your body, you may not want to put it on your body. We have a vision to help people improve their lives by providing a pathway to wellness, well-being, and freedom through convenient, affordable, and safe products. Each product is...

Created with a Purpose, for a Purpose!

We value clean, safe products and respect the community and environment around our families.  We are on a mission to empower others to live informed, happy, healthy lives with fewer chemicals and more benefits. We are committed to providing you with trustworthy natural living products.

Our mission is to help you experience the freedom to choose more holistically beneficial products. We pray that each of our products is a blessing to you and your family as we join together on this journey. 


~ Blessings,



Be Free Natural Living

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After our road trip home little Finley got his first diaper rash. But after two days of the mama and baby balm it disappeared! It’s easy to use and has a pleasant smell. Highly recommend!

Ashley King

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